Save The Day

Save The Day is a song from season 3 Sofia The First episode 6 “The Secret Library”. It is sung by Sofia and performed by Ariel Winter.

Save The Day Lyrics

Even though I’ve just begun
To somehow get these stories done.
How can I aim so high
When I’ve let down everyone?
Now I feel like I’m a fake
Thinking there must be some mistake.
I can’t see why she chose me
When I don’t have what it takes.

Oh, can I lead the way?
Make everything okay?
Just how am I supposed to save the day?
And what is there to say.
When my chance has flown away.
Why’d I think that I could be the one to save the day?

(Instrumental Bridge)

I may not know exactly how I’ll do it.
But I know that I can free them
If I put my heart into it.

Oh. I can lead the way.
Make everything okay.
I’m the one that has to save the day. 
And there’s nothing more to say
‘Cept up, up and away.
Cause I believe that I will be the one to save the day.

Save the day.
Save the day.

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