Perfect Guy For Me

Perfect Guy For Me is a final song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song sung by Marlena performed by Gaby Mareno.

Perfect Guy For Me Lyrics

Marlena: La la laa   
For years now,
I’ve admired you from afar   
Longing to speak with you   
And get to know  the man you are   
I always feel like singing   
Whenever you come near   
And nothing makes me smile   
More than seeing  you puppeteer   

Marlena: And I couldn’t help but notice   
Something’s in the air this Sweetheart’s Day   
Couldn’t help but notice   
Sweeter times could finally come our way   
Couldn’t help but notice   
Couldn’t help but notice   
You are the perfect guy for me   

Marlena: Even when you sing off‐key   
What happy sweethearts we could be   
You’re all I need and more, you see   
The perfect, perfect guy   
For me   

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