A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan II)

A Girl Worth Fighting For is a song from movie Mulan 2. The song is sung by Yao, Chien Po and Ling and performed by Harvey Fierstein, Jerry Tondo and Gedde Watanabe. It’s a reprise of A Girl Worth Fighting For from Mulan.

A Girl Worth Fighting For Lyrics

Ling:Well, I don’t need her to be all smug and snooty
Yao:I got a plaque right here that says I’ve kicked Hun booty
Chien Po:We have everything we dreamed we’d find when we came back from war
All: “Yeah!” Everything but…
(A girl walks by, and Yao, Ling, and Chien Po wait for her to go so they can continue their song)
All:…a girl worth fighting for
Yao: “Hey! Suck in your gut!”
All:There’s a girl worth fighting for
Ling: “And I think she wants us to come over!”

Ling:My girl would laugh at all my jokes, but tell it to me straight
Yao:She’ll rub my head when I get sick
Chien Po:And let me pick off of her plate

If Ling can find a girl who likes his chopstick nose trick
Yao:Ooh, he’d really better just propose quick!

Ling:Well, I have to say, based on today, I’m cranky
Chien Po: (spoken) I’ll just spend my life with you two
Yao:Pass the hanky!
Ling:And there’s no-one there to steal my chair
Yao:And twirl around the floor
All:Wish that I had
All:A girl worth fighting for
Ling:I would be true
All:To a girl worth fighting…
Chien Po: (spoken) I’d make fondue!
All:For a girl worth fighting…
Yao: (spoken) I’d even kiss you!
All: For a girl worth fighting… for

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