Here Beside Me

Here Beside Me is a credits song from movie Mulan 2. The song is performed by Hayley Westenra.

Here Beside Me Lyrics

I’ll show you worlds you’ve never seen:
The sun and moon and shadows
The rainbow’s arch
The mountain stream
The sunless clouds
And the winter’s dream

I’ll play you sounds you’ve never heard:
The waterfall
The river
The thunder of the hummingbird
The whisper of the snow

What if you never know how much you cared ’till you are parted by a stormy sea?

How could I let you go?
How could I bear my life without you here with me?

The world’s a door that’s open wide
Because you’re here beside me
And with the moon and sun to guide me
Now my heart can fly
Now our hearts can be free!

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