The Chicken Squad Theme Song

The Chicken Squad Theme Song is an opening song from Disney Junior’s TV Series The Chicken Squad.

The Chicken Squad Theme Song Lyrics

Pa-pa-pa-pam … Here they come when you need a hand
Chicken Squad! Pa-pa-pam!
Bravest chickens in the land!
Chicken Squad! Pa-pa-pam!
Brave to answer any call, helping critters big and small

Sweetie’s got the muscles and she’s super smart
Cooper’s an inventor and he is full of heart
Little Boo is speedy and he’s got a groovy ‘do
Captain Tully shows them how to be a mighty crew

Pa-pa-pam , it may sound odd, but that’s the call, of THE CHICKEN SQUAD!!!!!!!!

Coop: (spoken) Chicken Squad, ready to help!

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