The Chicken Squad

The Chicken Squad is Disney Junior’s 3d animated TV Show based on the children’s book by Doreen Cronin. The series follows three young chicken siblings — Coop, Sweetie, and Little Boo, and their retired search and rescue dog mentor Captain Tully. The Chicken Squad was developed by Tom Rogers (Elena of Avalor). Rachel Ruderman (Sofia the First/Elena of Avalor) is co-producer and story editor, Tony Trujillo (FarmVille 2) is art director, and Elliot M. Bour (Elena of Avalor) and Scott Bern (Puppy Dog Pals) are supervising directors. Each episode contains one song. The season 1 release date is 14 May 2021. The season 1 soundtrack has the same release – date 14 May 2021.


The Chicken Squad Theme song

Season 1 Songs

  1. Chicken Charge
  2. Every Dog Deserves a Home
  3. All Adds Up to Fun
  4. I Got This  
  5. Look Like a Hero
  6. Shake Your Bee-Hind
  7. We’re Here to Help  
  8. Science Is a Blast  
  9. The Best Kind of Party
  10. Me and My Chiki
  11. Be Like Rex
  12. Just Like Mom
  13. The Heart of a Dog
  14. Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye

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