The Heart of a Dog

The Heart of a Dog is a song from Disney TV Show “The Chicken Squad” season 1. The song is performed by Jeff Gunn.

The Heart of a Dog Lyrics

You may not have claws, sharp teeth, or big paws
But what you’ve got inside
Is the thing you can’t hide
You’ve got heart, h-h-heart
The heart of a dog

When you’ve got a lot of heart (Got a lot of heart)
You never give up (Never give up)
Keep coming back for more
Like a brave young pup
You could still dig a hole (Dig a hole)
You could still catch a stick
Who says you can’t teach a hotdog the tricks?

Now don’t feel blue (Don’t feel blue)
Cause your tail’s a curly Q, (curly Q)
When you’re put to the test, you can run with the best
You’ve got heart, (h-h-heart)
The heart of a dog

You’re the head of the pack, and your squad’s got your back
You can win if you try
Reach those hooves through the sky
You’ve got heart, (h-h-heart)
The heart of a dog

That’s your bestest almost catch yet.
So close, Hotdog.
That’s your best hole yet.
Yeah. I can barely see your feet.
You didn’t knock down every pole.
You’re really improving.
You think so?
Yup! And now I can teach you
the most important part of any competition.
What’s that?
Your victory dance.

Like a heart, h-h-heart
You’ve got heart
The heart of a dog

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