The Most Royal Man

The Most Royal Man is a song from Season 2 Elena of Avalor episode 20, “Two Left Fins”. It is sung by Prince Marzel and performed by Prince Royce.

The Most Royal Man Lyrics

Prince Marzel: I will be the odd fish out of water
When I go to this Royal Retreat
I will flounder around like have two left fins
No, I mean, like have two left feet

So to honor the wish of my father
I know just how I’ll make a stand
I’m bound to astound all the those kings
In their crowns by becoming the most
Royal Man

Be the man, be the man
I must be
The Most Royal Man
I’ll trade in my fins
For a nice pair of boots
And maybe change into
A nice pair of suits
Oh that is exactly
How I’m gonna prove
All I’m
‘Cause soon I’ll soo
Be the most
Royal Man

I will dress impress
In the fanciest clothes
Get coat, hat, vest
With big buckles and bows
I will learn how strut
Much more elegantly
Henceforth, I speak
Oh so, eloquently
I will hold my head up high
And bow low to the floor
The most noblest noble man
To step ashore
I’ll do everything
They do and more
Be the man, be the man
I must be
The Most Royal Man
I’ll cast aside habits
I’ve had since my birth
‘Cause even though I be
Both surf and truf
Only my human side
Will prove my worth
Here I am
I will be the toast
The toast of ever coast
Yes, I will be the most
Royal Man

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