So Cold

So Cold is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 3 “My Tummy, Your Hurts”. The song is sung by coldtaurs and Horse and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Dee Bradley Baker, Jessie Mueller and The Centaurworld Cast

So Cold Lyrics

Why would you do that?
Why would you join the Nowhere King?
All hail the Nowhere King!
-Uh, because it’s freezing up here. Duh!
-Yeah, what’s your point?
-My point is, the Nowhere “King…”
-All hail the Nowhere King!
…he’s a king, right? He’s got money.
-He can buy us warm stuff.
Warm stuff? What are you talking about?
-I mean, we’re so cold.
Then start a fire.
-So cold.
-So cold.
You just said that.
-Now you’re… You’re repeating yourself.
-So cold.
All right. I see where this is going.

Our life here
So cold
Is frozen and thankless
So cold 
And you may have noticed 
We’ve been fighting over
This single blanket 
So cold
We can’t even eat our soup
Before the ice cubes start to form 
Why don’t you move
To someplace where it’s warm? 

‘Cause then we’d be too hot, you see
No, I don’t see 
Because you guys are all confusing me
Look, we’re so cold 
And we don’t owe you anything
We’ve sworn our fealty to the king
-The Nowhere King.
-All hail the Nowhere King!

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