Durple-Drop is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 3 “My Tummy, Your Hurts”. The song is sung by Durpleton and performed by Josh Radnor.

Durple-Drop Lyrics

Aw, drop!
Drop, Durple-drop
Drop, drop, Durple-drop 
Drop, drop, Durple-drop
Drop, drop, Durple-drop

Where’s this elevator goin’?
To the top!
Everybody come aboard the Durple-drop
What’s a Durple-drop?
I’ll show you at the top 
Drop, drop, Durple-drop

Say you’ve got a friend frozen in ice
Don’t leave ’em in the ice,
Do somethin’ nice
Use Durple-neck,
To take ’em to the top
We’ll see you at the bottom
Of the Durple-drop 

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