Killjoy is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 20 “The Jig is Up / Molly vs. The Ghost World”. The song is sung by Jinx and performed by Liza Koshy.

Killjoy Lyrics

She is combing through town
With a list in her hand
Rooting out happiness
Quick as she can
Narrowly missing
A full marching band
It’s Killjoy
(Hey, Moll!

Her heart is evil
Her soul is pitch black
The fate of our hero
Is under attack
But still that won’t stop him
From sneaking a snack
In front of Killjoy
(Are you eating a corndog right now?
Hm? Mm-mmm.)

She is the hunter
And you are the prey
He must distract her
And cause her delay
So everywhere she goes
He’s awkwardly
Blocking her way
(Wh – I’m sorry.
Oh, you go first.
No, please…
OK – How about I go--
Just – OK.
You going that way or this--)

(Oh, you know where we should go?
The crematorium.)
(I’m telling you, it is joy central.)

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