Breathe in a Bag

Breathe in a Bag is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 3 “My Tummy, Your Hurts”. The song is sung by Glendale and others and performed by Megan Nicole Dong and The Centaurworld Cast.

Breathe in a Bag Lyrics

So cold 
So frozen 
So nervous, so hopeless, so drear
Is it the temperature
That’s got you down, friends?
Or perhaps it is your-- 
Existential fear?

That’s right.
You see, so many things can trigger
The centaurs with overactive amygdalas
But that’s okay
If your brain’s made that way 
-Okay, then, like, what do we do?
-I’m so glad you asked.
Everybody, look under your seats.

You can breathe in a bag 
Breathe in a bag? 
Just breathe in a bag
Breathe in a bag!
Inhale, exhale, my name ain’t Glendale
If you still feel sad
I feel kinda better.
The world can be cruel and depraved
And we’re struggling under its weight
Just remember you aren’t alone
When you think life’s a drag
You can breathe in a bag 

This has been helpful, but we’re still
going with the Nowhere King.
All hail the Nowhere King!
Sometimes we hide from the scary things
By trying to side with those very things 
In this case, that’d be the Nowhere King
He’s a false savior
You might feel initial relief
But I promise you it will be brief
‘Cause this is a case of--
-Unhealthy attachment behavior?
-You got this.

Now breathe in a bag 
Breathe in a bag!
Breathe in a bag 
Breathe in a bag
Things are scary and freezing
That’s the reason I gave you this swag
Thank you, Glendale!

We might always feel a bit nervous
Even folks like us have a purpose 
Will you stand with me 
And fly this anxious flag? 

‘Cause we don’t need the Nowhere King 
We believe in ourselves
And we’re breathing into 
Our bags

All hail Glendale!
On your way out, you can grab your weapon
and a copy of my new book,
My Tummy, Your Hurts:
Saying No to the Yes of Stress.
Yes, yes. thought so.
-All hail Glendale!

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