You’re Hardly Working

You’re Hardly Working is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Ghost and Molly McGee season 1 episode 12 “Game Night / The Don’t-Gooder”.

You’re Hardly Working Lyrics

Giving my all to win this
Na, na, na, na-na
I won’t let no one
Steal the show
Na, na, na, na-na
I’m working myself
Na, na, na, na-na
While you’re just over there
Painting your toes
Na, na, na, na-na

You look good
For the cameras
But that won’t stop me
From working hard
I’m gonna show the world
Just what I’m made of
You may be standing
In the spotlight
But I’m working hard
It’s only a matter of time
Till I break through

And they’ll see that you
You’re hardly working
You’re hardly working
You’re not doing anything!
You’re hardly working

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