Let the Colors Fly

Let the Colors Fly is a song from Disney’s TV Series Mira Royal Detective season 1 episode 25a “The Holi Festival Mystery”. The song is sung by Mira, Mikku and Chikku and performed by Leela Ladnier, Kal Penn and Utkarsh Ambudkar.

Let the Colors Fly Lyrics

It’s Holi and that means
That spring has just begun
With pretty colors all around
It’s time to have some fun

Our clothes might start out clean
But that’s not how it ends
Grab a balloon, your family and friends

Then let the colors fly (Duck!)
Let the games begin (Look out!)
Lighting up the sky (Yeah!)
Here we go again

Let the colors fly (Whoo!)
Let your colors show (That’s right!)
Ready? Steady? Throw!
It’s Holi

We all come together we sing and dance in step
A day for forgiveness
We get to make a mess

Me and you, green and blue
Purple, yellow, red
Celebrate get ready for what’s next

It’s Holi

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