The Rocketeer

The Rocketeer is Disney Junior’s 3D animated TV Show based on the comic book superhero of the same name by Dave Stevens and the 1991 film, the series focused on Katherine “Kit” Secord, a seven-year-old girl who receives the family jet pack for her seventh birthday. Due to lack of advertising the show was canceled after first season. The songs for the show were written by Beau Black (The Lion Guard) and Dominic Lewis (Ducktales).


  1. Rocketeer to the Rescue (The Rocketeer Theme Song)
  2. Suit-Up Sequence

Season 1

  1. Heart of a Hero
  2. Side by Side With You
  3. Fast
  4. Walking on Air
  5. Doodlebug Manifesto
  6. Share the Open Air with You
  7. Valkyrie Theme Song
  8. Enjoy Your Meal
  9. A Beautiful View
  10. Sparkle Sunset Unicorn Song
  11. A Friend Like You
  12. Ferret on a Mission
  13. Welcome, Sonal
  14. Super Deany to the Rescue
  15. Best Team Ever
  16. The Circus is in Town
  17. Pack-a-Doodle-Do
  18. Halloween Roundup
  19. It’s That Time of Year
  20. Keep on Trying
  21. Villains’ Lament

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