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The Lion Guard is Disney Junior’s TV Series, a spin-off of The Lion King Franchise. The Lion Guard Character’s Posters you can find here.

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The Lion Guard Best Songs

The Lion Guard Main Theme (Call of the Guard)

TV Film: The Lion Guard Return Of The Roar

  1. A Beautiful Day
  2. Zuka Zama
  3. Tonight We Strike
  4. Kion’s Lament

Season 1

  1. We’re the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa) (Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots)
  2. Don’t Make a Stink (The Rise Of Makuu)
  3. Bunga the Wise (Bunga the Wise)
  4. Make Way for Bunga the Wise (Bunga the Wise)
  5. Duties of the King (Can’t Wait to be Queen)
  6. Outta the Way (Eye Of The Beholder)
  7. Jackal Style (The Kupatana Celebration)
  8. Our Kupatana Community (The Kupatana Celebration)
  9. My Own Way (Fuli’s New Family)
  10. Utamu (The Search for Utamu)
  11. All Hail the Vultures (The Search for Utamu)
  12. Hero Inside (Follow that Hippo)
  13. Bird of a Thousand Voices (Call of the Drongo)
  14. Panic and Run (Paintings and Predictions)
  15. Trail to Hope (The Mbali Fields Migration)
  16. Hakuna Matata (Bunga and the King)
  17. Life in the Pride Lands (The Imaginary Okapi)
  18. We’ll Make You a Meal (Too Many Termites)
  19. Find Your Roar (The Trouble With Galagos)
  20. Chungu’s Lament (Janja’s New Crew)
  21. Baboons! (Baboons)
  22. Beware of the Zimwi (Beware the Zimwi)
  23. Lions Over All (Lions of the Outlands)
  24. Stand Up, Stand Out (Never Roar Again)
  25. Kuishi Ni Kucheka (The Lost Gorillas)
  26. Running with the King (The Trail to Udugu)
  27. Hadithi the Hero (Ono’s Idol)
  28. Makin’ Hippo Lanes (Beshte and the Hippo Lanes)
  29. Tickbirds and Rhinos (Ono the Tickbird)

Season 2

  1. Teke Ruka Teleza (Babysitter Bunga)
  2. Everyone is Welcome (The Savannah Summit)
  3. The Traveling Baboon Show (The Traveling Baboon Show)
  4. A Real Meal (Ono and the Egg)
  5. Fujo (The Rise Of Scar)
  6. Today Is My Day (The Rise Of Scar)
  7. Path of Honor (The Rise Of Scar)
  8. Bring Back a Legend (The Rise Of Scar)
  9. I Have A Plan (Let Sleeping Crocs Lie)
  10. Gotta look on the Bright Side (Swept Away)
  11. Three of a Kind (Rafiki’s New Neighbors)
  12. The Worst Hyena We Know (Rescue in the Outlands)
  13. May There Be Peace (The Ukumbusho Tradition)
  14. Big Bad Kenge (The Bite of Kenge)
  15. Christmas in the Pride Lands (Timon and Pumbaa’s Christmas)
  16. The Twelve Ways of Christmas (Timon and Pumbaa’s Christmas)
  17. I Do Have a Great Deal to Say (The Morning Report)
  18. Fabulous Dhahabu (The Golden Zebra)
  19. Give a Little Guy a Chance (The Little Guy)
  20. We’re the Smartest (Divide and Conquer)
  21. Good King Simba (The Scorpion’s Sting)
  22. The Faster I Go (The Wisdom of Kongwe)
  23. I’m Gonna Run This Dump (The Kilio Valley Fire)
  24. Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (Undercover Kinyonga)
  25. Wisdom on the Walls (Cave of Secrets)
  26. The Zebra Mastermind (The Zebra Mastermind)
  27. Kwetu Ni Kwetu (The Hyena Resistance)
  28. Nothin’ to Fear Down Here (The Underground Adventure)
  29. Shujaa Ponda (Beshte and the Beast)
  30. Shujaa Ponda (Reprise) (Beshte and the Beast)
  31. Pride Landers Unite! (Pride Landers Unite!)
  32. Prance With Me (The Queen’s Visit)
  33. Tujiinue (The Fall of Mizimu Grove)
  34. Tujiinue (Reprise)(The Fall of Mizimu Grove)
  35. Height and Sight (Fire from the Sky)

Season 3

  1. We Will Defend (Battle For The Pride Lands)
  2. New Way To Go (Battle For The Pride Lands)
  3. On The Last Night (Battle For The Pride Lands)
  4. When I Led The Guard (Battle For The Pride Lands)
  5. The Tree of Life (The Harmattan)
  6. A Snow Monkey’s Home (The Accidental Avalanche)
  7. Ghost of the Mountain (Ghost of the Mountain)
  8. Anything (Marsh of Mystery)
  9. That’s the Dolphin Way (Dragon’s Island)
  10. As You Move Forward (Journey of Memories)
  11. Flamingo Dance Party (The Race to Tuliza)
  12. You Best Not Mess With Mama (Mama Binturong)
  13. Friends to the End (Friends to the End)
  14. Kion’s Reckoning (The Tree of Life)
  15. Welcome to the Tree of Life (The River of Patience)
  16. Who is Better Than Who (Little Old Ginterbong)
  17. Beware of Poa (Poa the Destroyer)
  18. Long Live the Queen (Long Live the Queen)
  19. Remember What Makes You You (The Lake of Reflection)
  20. The Power of the Roar (The Triumph of the Roar)
  21. Of the Same Pride (Journey To The Pride Lands)
  22. As You Move On (Journey to the Pride Lands)
  23. Long Live the King (Return to the Pride Lands)

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