Janja Songs

Janja is a hyena and an enemy of  The Lion Guard in season 1 and season 2. In season 3 he decided to join Jasiri‘s Clan. He is one of the the main antagonists of the series. He usually sings with his minions about his plans: Tonight We Strike, Outta the Way, Panic and Run, Bring Back a Legend, I Have a Plan The Worst Hyena We Know, We’re the Smartest, I’m Gonna Run This Dump. In season 3 he thinks about his destiny and sings a duet song with Jasiri – New Way To Go. Andrew Kishino is a voice of Janja.

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2 thoughts on “Janja Songs

  1. hi i wanna tell you that your song bring a legend is super good and i love a new way to go and sisi na sawa mean’s we’re the same

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