Kion’s Reckoning

Kion’s Reckoning is a song from season 3 The Lion Guard episode 11 “The Tree Of Life” It is sung by Kion and performed by Aaron Daniel Jacob. The song is like a reprise of the Kion’s Lament.

Kion’s Reckoning Lyrics

Kion: Here
Here at the end of the trail
How could I come all this way
Only just to fail
Now where, where do I go?
I’ve tried all that I know
Don’t think there’s any more I can do

But now, I think I see
There’s more to this journey than me
So if I have to, I’ll move along
In a group where I belong

With my friends
I know I won’t be alone
With my friends
We’ll find a path that I can’t find on my own
‘Maybe this journey won’t end today
But with my friends, it’ll be okay
With my friends
It begins and ends
With my friends

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