Villains’ Lament

Villains’ Lament is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Rocketeer season 1 episode 22 “Heart of a Hero”. The song is sung by Sylvester Slapdash, Dr. Doodlebug and Valerie.

Villains’ Lament Lyrics

That new Rocketeer’s a menace
He only makes things worse
While the old one was a bummer
This new one is a curse

He isn’t good at flying
Doesn’t have a hero’s touch
Sure, I know we should get jail time
But this is a little much

Never thought I’d say it
But I miss the Rocketeer
How can I convey
That I wish that she were here
This imposter’s gotta go
Before he hits a new low
So please bring back
Our Rocketeer

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