A Friend Like You

A Friend Like You is a song from Disney’s TV Series The Rocketeer season 1 episode 11b “Bruce Goose”. The song is performed by Beau Black.

A Friend Like You Lyrics

We come from two different places
With such different faces
I’m not sure that we could ever get alone
When the sun came up this morning
Who’d have guessed without a warning
Our different paths would bond us so strong

Yet we’re alike
In who we are and what we do
It might be nice to
Have a friend like you

You never know quite what or who
Is coming ’round the bend for you
So keep an open heart and take it as it comes
If everybody was the same
The world would be kind of lame
The differences are what make friendship fun

It may sound corny, but it’s true
I never thought I’d have a friend like you
It may sound corny, but it’s true
I really got to have a friend like you

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