My Greatest Quest

My Greatest Quest is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 episode 3 “A Stamp for Mama / Fred Steps Up”. The song is sung by Ridley’s mother and performed by Sutton Foster.

My Greatest Quest Lyrics

Although I have an obligation
Protect these treasures
Great and small
Beyond the tests and exploration 
There lies an even greater call

My finest feat
Is my crusade as Ridley’s mother
That much, my dear, is always true
I have a task
More meaningful than any other
My greatest quest is you

I see you off on each new endeavor
And I’m scared to the bone 
Though I know
You’re so brave and clever
Still, I’m stunned
By how strong you’ve grown

I watch you run
Through pyramids and ancient rubble 
Ridley, it’s hard for me to do 
But I’ve got to trust
You’ll overcome all sorts of trouble
My greatest quest is you
My greatest quest is you

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