Lead The Herd

Lead The Herd is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 episode 3 “A Stamp for Mama / Fred Steps Up”. The song is sung by Fred and performed by Ezra Menas.

Lead The Herd Lyrics

I always thought
I was a bison who was born to lead
That I was meant to run out front
And head the whole stampede
My wildest dream was that the team
Was hanging on my every word
I wanna lead the herd 

I always thought
I knew exactly what my purpose was
That I had what it takes
To do the things a leader does
All of the hustle and the muscle
No, I wouldn’t be deterred
I wanna lead the herd 

I always thought
That I was brave and strong
I’ve been so sure of that
My whole life long
What if I was wrong?
What is the use in introducing dreams
If they just get deferred?
Will I ever lead the herd?

Lead The Herd Reprise Lyrics

I’ve always known
There was a leader deep inside of me
I’ll be myself
‘Cause that’s the only thing
I need to be
Watch me succeeding as I’m leading
With my dreams all newly stirred 
Yes, I’m gonna lead the herd!

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