I’m So Ready

I’m So Ready is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 2 special episode 4 “Compass Eye of the Storm”. The song is sung by Ridley and performed by Iara Nemirovsky. It’s a reprise of her season 1 song.

I’m So Ready Lyrics

Don’t know how long I can wait
To finally realize my fate
‘Cause now the time is drawing near
My Compass Eye will appear
Yeah, it’s practically here

I’ve been so patient ’til now
So, come on Eye, holy cow
I cannot take any more
What else are you waiting for? 
‘Cause I know in my core
That I’m ready
Ready to carry the load
Yes, I’m ready
Let’s get this show on the road

I’ve been patiently waiting
Through all of the tests
I’ve gone through
I have served and protected 
So what else do I have to do?
How can I possibly
Prove myself to you?

Prove that I’m ready
I’m jumping out of my skin
‘Cause I’m ready
Ready to finally begin
I’m ready 
I know it deep in my heart
That I’m ready
For this adventure to start
I’m ready!

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