I’m Ready

I’m Ready is a song from Netflix Original series “Ridley Jones” season 1 episode 1 “Ready or Not, Here I Come/Some Like it Hot”. The song is sung by Ridley and performed by Iara Nemirovsky.

I’m Ready Lyrics

There’s a sense that I get
As I walk through these halls
A feeling the relics
That hang on the walls
Whisper, “Destiny calls” 

Like these silent exhibits
Are somehow a part
Of some new adventure
That’s waiting to start!
I know in my heart I’m ready
Ready to find what is waiting in store
Yes, I’m ready
Ready to do something more 

And although it sounds crazy
I can’t shake the feeling somehow
Every last exhibition says
“Ridley, your moment is now”
My moment is now!

Now that I’m ready
Ready to find what is waiting for me
Yes, I’m ready
No matter what it might be
Yes, I’m ready
Ready for Mom to finally see
See that I’m ready
Ready for my destiny
I’m ready!

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