Burgs and Fries

Burgs and Fries is a song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” season 2 episode 27 “Fast Foodie”. The song is sung by Mr. Burger Clown and Cricket Green and performed by Dan Fogler and Chris Houghton.

Burgs and Fries Lyrics

Mr. Burger Clown: Just… eat… up…

Eat up here! Fill up from ear to ear!
Pick anything on the menu
Let our robo-clowns indulge you!
Clown Burgers! Ten-piece deals!
You’ll never eat a bigger meal
With burgs and fries, and burgs and fries
With burgs and fries
And burgs and fries and burgs and fri-e-s!
Slurp by slurp, fry by fry

Cricket: I’ll eat until I cry!

Mr. Burger Clown:
So keep eating till you take
Your final breath!
Just open wide!
And stuff your face with pride!
Eat up here! Eat up here!
Why don’t you…
…Eat up hereeeeeee!

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