Queen of Nice

Queen of Nice is a parody song from Disney TV Show “Big City Greens” special short “Broken Karaoke”. The song is sung by Tilly Green and performed by Marieve Herington. It is a parody of “Queen of Mean” from Descendants 3.

Queen of Nice Lyrics

I practice kind behavior
I smile at my neighbor
I tell a random stranger I believe in them
I babysit my little brother and love him like no other
He is a gem

And now I feel this overwhelming glee
When I can plant a tree
Or I befriend some bees
Or I can spark a newfound romance for some divorcees
I wanna be a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day
And feed this horse hay

I always try my best to just be nice
If you ask me for my kidney I won’t think twice
And my only vice – is when I cater tea parties
And feed my dear friend, Saxon, excessive gouda cheese
Now I was talkin’ to a llama and she gave me this advice:
You gotta be the Queen of Nice

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