Never Too Late (Elena Of Avalor)

Never Too Late is a song from Elena Of Avalor Finale season 3 episode 28 TV Movie “Coronation Day“. It is sung by Elena and Esteban and performed by Aimee Carrero and Cristian Lanz.

Never Too Late Lyrics

Elena: I always thought I had to have the answer     
Be on my best behavior     
I had to play the perfect ruler     
Or I would be a total failure     
But now I’ve gone and let my anger     
Put everyone in danger     
Once again     

Esteban: I always thought that if I had more power    
Life wouldn’t feel so sour    
Now I have lost my whole familia  
And all along I’ve been a coward     
I only wanted them to hear me     
But they will only fear me     
Once again     

Elena: But it is never too late     
To say you made a mistake     
Find the will to try again     
‘Cause even though you ache     
If you find What went wrong     
And sing a new song     
You can change your fate     
It’s never too late     

Esteban: But it is truly too late     
To make up for my mistake     
Pride had put my heart to sleep     
But now I’m wide awake     
I have hurt everyone     
The damage is done     
I cannot change my fate     
It’s simply too late     

Elena: We must look within     
To see where We failed before     
How can we change our ways     
To even up the score?   

[Speaking part]
Gabe: Well, we couldn’t beat them in a straight‐on fight.
Naomi: Except when Isa tricked that Shade into striking himself with lightning. Maybe we can trick the others into defeating themselves too.
Elena: That sounds like a good start.
Mateo: And I have a few ideas of how to send them back to the Spirit World. But you’ll need this.   

Elena: We won’t be down and out     
If we set aside our doubt     
Because it is never too late     
Esteban: I made a huge mistake     
Elena: Find the will to try again     
Esteban: My heart’s about to break     
Elena: If you find what went wrong     
And sing a new song     
We can change your fate
It’s never too late     
Never too late     

Esteban: But for me it’s too late     
To make up for my mistake     
It’s simply too late  

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