Pinkie’s Lament

Pinkie’s Lament is a song from My Little Pony season 4 musical episode 12 “Pinkie Pride”. It is sung by Pinkie Pie and performed by Shannon Chan-Kent.

Pinkie’s Lament Lyrics

Pinkie Pie:
For all my life, all I’ve wanted to do
Was make my friends want to smile true
But maybe I was wrong
And Pinkie Pie shouldn’t plan parties at al

I’ll try to get up on my hooves
And try a different task
I’ll find something new to do
There’s gotta be more to me than planning a party or two

I put away my party cannon, I deflated all my balloons
The bubbles all burst, now what is next for you?
For you…

Oh, I remember this one: my first party ever. My whole family was there.
And that’s Twilight’s welcome-to-Ponyville party. She didn’t even expect that one.
Oh, look at Gummy! He just looks so excited for this birthday party!
Hmm. Shining Armor and Cadance’s wedding sure was special,
especially once I got a hold of the music.

Oh, look at those happy faces
All the parties that I had thrown
I made them laugh, had such a blast
A smile that’s all their own

They loved seeing me, the real Pinkie
Show them the time of their life like they’ve never known
Like they’ve never kno-o-own

I’ve got to get back out there, have to show them that I’ve tried
For there’s only one great party pony – that is Pinkie Pie
Won’t let Cheese Sandwich beat me, won’t let him get me down
For I am Pinkie, the bestest party pony around!

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