The Goof Off

The Goof Off is a song from My Little Pony season 4 musical episode 12 “Pinkie Pride”. It is sung by Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich and perfomed by Andrea Libman and “Weird Al” Yankovic .

The Goof Off Lyrics

Pinkie Pie:
It’s your birthday party, a very special day
I’ve got a song, it won’t take long, I just wanted to say
Happy, happy, happy, happy
Happy, happy, happy, happy
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

Cheese Sandwich:
If you wanna be the life of the party
But you’re feeling just a little uptight
Call the doctor, beg and plead
“Doctor, tell me what I need”
Try to put a little cheese in your knees!

Pinkie Pie:
Bubbles and balloons, bubbles and balloons
What’s a birthday party without bubbles and balloons?
Star-shaped or trapezoid, look what I can do
Only Pinkie Pie can make a bubble shaped like you!

Cheese Sandwich:
Just let yourself go floppy, for now this is your chance
Pretend you have no bones and do the rubber chicken dance!
Hit it, Boneless!

Pinkie Pie:
Cooler than a rubber chicken and tastier than cake
Come on, you, let’s party down and do the Gummy shake!
Hit it, Gummy! Uh-huh! You know it! Shake it!

Cheese Sandwich:
‘Cause I like to make you smile, smile, smile
Yes I do
It fills my heart with sunshine all the while
Yes it does
‘Cause all I really need’s a smile, smile, smile
From these happy friends of mine
Pinkie Pie: That’s my song!
Cheese Sandwich: What do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Pinkie Pie:THAT’S IT!
Roll out the party cannon
When you hear the party cannon song
Cheese Sandwich:
Why should you compromise? Try this one on for size
‘Cause nothing quite says cheer like the ringing in your ear
Of the cheese supreme cannonball surprise!

Pinkie Pie:
¡Dale, dale, dale
No pierdas el tino!
Porque si lo pierdes
¡Pierdes el camino!

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