The Three Caballeros Song

The Three Caballeros Song is a song from Disney’s TV Series Ducktales. The song is sung by The Three Caballeros (Donald, Jose and Panchito) and performed by Tony Anselmo, Bernardo De Paula and Arturo Del Puerto.

The Three Caballeros Song Lyrics

Panchito: We’re three caballeros
Yes, three caballeros
They say we are birds of a feather

José and Panchito: We’re happy amigos
No matter where he goes
The one, two, and three goes
We’re always together

Panchito: We’re three happy chappies
With snappy serapes
You’ll find us beneath our sombreros

José: We’re brave and we’ll stay so
We’re bright as a peso
Donald: Who says so?
José and Panchito: We say so!
All: The three caballeros

All: Ah!
Donald: We have the stars to guide us
Guitars here beside us
To play as we go
We sing and we samba
José and Panchito: We shout, ¡Ay caramba!
All: The three caballeros!

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