Grown Up Enough

Grown Up Enough is a song from season 2 Elena of Avalor episode “Three Jaquins and a Princess”. The Song sung by Princess Isabel and performed by Jenna Ortega.

Grown Up Enough Lyrics

Why am I always treated like a little kid
By everyone around me
But I’ve done so much
All you have to do is look around the room
And you will see
The skill to invent
The will to not relent
My skills are evident
Even built my own instrument

I can handle a problem
No matter how tough
You can all count on me
I am grown up enough
There is no need to worry
Because I’m up to snuff
So just leave it to me
I am grown up enough

(speaking part)

I can rise to the challenge
It isn’t so rough
They can all count on me
I am grown up enough
Just like dressing the nest up
With pillows and fluff
They are preserved as can be
I am grown up enough

They’re in good hands with me
I am grown up enough
Oh, Just wait till they see
I am grown up…enough

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