It’s Up To Us

It’s Up To Us is a song from season 1 Elena of Avalor episode  24 “Blockheads”. It is sung by Armando and Higgins.

 It’s Up To Us Lyrics

Armando: Dangers all around
The chonopos are in town
But our wizard can’t be found
The chips are down
And so, it’s up to us!
The situations grave
Our Princess must be saved
Higgins: But the thing we really crave is someone brave
Instead, it’s up to us

Both: It is up to us to fight
Like a pair of daring knights
We won’t give in to fright
Higgins: Unless they try to bite
Armando: In our courage we must trust
It’s victory or bust
Higgins: Are you sure we can’t discuss
Armando: No sir it’s up to us!
Higgins: You’re right it’s up to us
Both: It’s up to us
It’s up to us!

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