We Were a King Once

We Were a King Once is a song from 2022 Netflix musical animated film “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”. The song is sung by Count Volpe and performed by Christoph Waltz.

We Were a King Once Lyrics

We were a king once
Can we be king twice?
We were bathing in milk
Played for diamonds and silk
But we want it twice

My show was a magnet for the crowd
No one could resist Volpe’s crown
Now the little ones
Now the married ones
Prefer Garbo, Gardel, Valentino, la voce di Caruso, jazz on the radio
You were the kings once
Mon Dieu, was it nice
You were knights of the night
Full of glory and might
So let’s get it twice

We need an ace, a prince, a hero
With no fears, no tears, no shame
It can take us around il mondo
Back to success and fame
Leading you, leading me, leading you

We were a king once
We can be king twice
We lit big fat hills of
One hundred-dollar bills
Can we do it twice?

From Monte Carlo to Paree
In my silver blue
We need an actor
Listen to me vis-a-vis, I am the Paganini, believe in me

Believe in you
Believe in me
Believe in me

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