My Bubblegum

My Bubblegum is a song from 2022 Netflix musical animated film “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio”. The song is sung by Pinocchio and performed by Gregory Mann.

My Bubblegum Lyrics

My gum, my gum
I pop my bubble gum
I scream, I cry
For ice cream and for pie

And if I ate a few gummies
I still would eat a ton
Dreaming of giant lollipops
And two of my very favorite things
Licorice swirls and chocolate rings

They bring me joy
For sugar strings
And a sundae with a cherry or two
You are everything to me
And I love you
My gum, my gum
I pop my bubblegum

For these treats
I’m standing on my feet
I’m free as the wind
No, I’m flying!
Popping, popping
Topping, gumming

Your son, your son
Is happy to have fun

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