Fit To Be Queen

Fit To Be Queen is a song from Elena Of Avalor Finale season 3 episode 28 TV Movie “Coronation Day“. It is sung by Elena and others and performed by Aimee Carrero and Elena Of Avalor Cast.

Fit To Be Queen Lyrics

Francisco: There’s no time to rest before you receive the crown     
Tick‐tock goes the clock this is your final countdown     
Isabel: Make sure your gown fits now we have to keep up the pace     
Luisa: Strike a regal pose to show off your poise and your grace     
Naomi: You’ve come so far you’ve come such a long way     
Think about all you have seen     
But there are still quite a few things left to do     
Before you are fit to be queen     

Julio: You must greet the royals From every kingdom in the land     
Doña Paloma: But fear not, for I am here To ensure all goes as planned     
Mateo: Then when you are crowned which new chancellor will you choose?   
Doña Paloma: I’m still available!   
Gabe: When you dance Your first dance which first dancer will you use?     

Elena: I’ve come so far I’ve come such a long way     
Ruling since I was 16     
But now I’m wondering If I’ve done enough     
Am I really fit To be queen?   

Francisco: Mi neita, you’re finally ready to rule     
You’ve overcome all your growing pains     
Elena: I hope I can rule as well as my papá     
Now that it’s my time to take up the reins     

Greetings, my friends you’ve come such a long way     
Can’t tell you how much you mean     
But let me just say after all that we’ve been through  
I hope I’m fit to be queen

Valentina: You’ve come so far  
Queen Abigail:Though not as far as us   
Princess Chloe: Mom!   
King Toshi: Can’t wait to try your fine cuisine     
Royals: But let us just say after all that we have seen     
We know you’re fit To be queen     

Jaquins: And to you we all give a tip of our wing     
‘Cause you got the grit to be all the wit to be     
All: Fully equipped to be     
Finally fit to be queen     
Yes, you are fit to be queen  

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