Elena Songs

Elena is a main character in TV Series Elena Of Avalor. She is 16-18 year girl in the series. Aimee Carrero is a speaking and singing voice of Elena. She has one solo song plus reprise in TV film crossover Secret Of Avalor – My Tyme. In the series as main character she has a lot of solo songs: Avaloran Lullaby, The Magic Within You, Steppin’ Up, Got It Down, Make Them Proud, Home for Navidad, Be Alive, Love Always, Unspoken. Also she has a lot of duet songs: Elena and Isabel Songs: Sister Time, Fix Anything, Hand In Hand, That’s What Sisters Do; Elena and Naomi songs: Home for Good, Armando, Master Of My Fate; duets with other characters: Ready To Rule , Blow My Top, Feel Free to Have Fun, Let Love Light the Way, Play It Your Way, Best for Our Guests, The Right Thing To Do, Familia Forever, Our Chance, More Than Your Magic, You Must Persist, Wings Up, Friendship. Also she sings in multi-characters songs: Hearts Full of Cheer, Royal Friends, Pick It Up, You Can Do It, Sweetheart’s Day, Something In The Air, Potion, You Got To Sing, Perfect Girl For Me, Way Back When, How We Love You.

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