Something In The Air

Something In The Air is a song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song is sung by Elena, Isabel, Flo and guards.

Something In The Air Lyrics

Armando: For years now   
 I’ve admired you from afar   
Armando speaking: How did I sound?
 Flo:  Just as bad as before   
 Armando speaking:  Okay, okay, I get it.
You don’t have to sing it.

Servant:   Pass the polish let’s get started   
Armando speaking: Do you hear that?
Servant:Give your all  don’t be half‐hearted   
Servant:Today my step  feels so much lighter   
Servants: And the silver  gleams much brighter   
Everything has extra flair   
There must be  something in the air   

 Armando speaking: They’re not usually so enthusiastic.
Flo: Well, I think  that it’s fantastic   
That they have  so much to share   
There must be  something in the air   
Isabel: Have either of you  seen  mi abuelo?    
It’s not like him  to run away   
So weird,  it’s like he doesn’t care   
Flo: There must be something in the air   
Armando speaking:  Why is everyone singing?
Do you think it’s because of my potion?

Guard 1: Got a spring in my step   
Guard 2: Got a glint in my eye    
Guard 1: I’m on top of the world   
 Guard 2: Though I’m   not too sure why   
Maid 1: There are hallways to dust   
Maid 2:And some chores to be done   
Maid 1: But despite all of that   
Maid 2:My heart shines  like the sun   
All: A feeling  that’s beyond compare   
There must be  something in the air   
Armando speaking: We better find Elena!

Gardener: Though today  is like any other   
We should dance  with one another   
Do you have   some time to spare?   
Elena: There must be  something in the air   
Armando,  did you cut your hair?   
Armando speaking: Is it that noticeable?
Flo:  Elena, you’re singing   
 The maids  are all singing   
The guards are all singing   
Why are they all singing?
 Elena:  But I am not singing   
 Oh, wait, am I singing?   
I guess I am singing   
Why are we all singing?

All: Because there’s   something in the air   
Yes, there must  be something in the air   
Elena:  But why is there  something in the air?   
If somebody knows,  I wish they’d share  

Armando speaking: I might possibly know
why this is happening.
Flo: It’s his fault   
All: It’s his fault?   
His fault   
Flo:  There’s something   in the air   
All: His fault there’s  something in the air   
But we’re so glad  that it is there   
There must be   something in the air   
Flo: Something in the air   

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