Sweetheart’s Day (Song)

Sweetheart’s Day is a song from musical episode “Sweetheart’s Day” from season 3 of Elena of Avalor. The song is sung by Marlena and the reprise of the song is sung by Marlena and other characters. Performed by Gaby Mareno and others.

Sweetheart’s Day Lyrics

It’s Sweetheart’s Day
 Buy a flower for someone who’s special
It’s Sweetheart’s Day
 They will treasure each delicate petal

Sweetheart’s Day (Reprise)

Sweetheart’s Day (Reprise) Lyrics

–   There’s something  in the air   
–   Yes, something in the air   
– It’s Sweetheart’s Day  so don’t delay   
 Come have a bite in my cafe   
–  We’d like a table  just for two   
And your special  Sweetheart Stew  

Armando (speaking): Um, did I just hear them sing in verse?  
Elena:  Looks like they   all caught the curse   
 Mateo: Don’t you worry,  it soon will be reversed   
Marlena:  It’s Sweetheart’s Day   
Buy a flower  for someone’s who’s special   
Sweetheart’s Day   
They’ll treasure   each delicate petal   
Armando (speaking): Now that’s a voice I could
listen to all day long.

She sure does sing  a pretty song   
 Marlena: Hey, Armando,  how’s your day?   
 Now’s your chance   
 Don’t run away   
 What’s the problem?  
Why so shy?   
 Don’t let this moment  pass you by   
Armando (speaking): But she’s already talking to that guy.
 First man: Your flowers  are awfully grand   
Second Man: The fairest in the land   

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