The Right Thing To Do

The Right Thing To Do is a song from season 2 Elena of Avalor episode ” Shapeshifters”. It is sung by Elena and Esteban, the song perfomed by Aimee Carrero and Christian Lanz.

The Right Thing To Do Lyrics

Elena: I’ve gotta leave right away
That’s the right thing to do
Gotta do it today
Gotta see this thing through
Don’t believe me?
Okay, I’ll explain it to you
Why my joining the fray is the right thing to do
Please take a second to inspect my crown here por favor (please in Spanish)
Means I’m expected to protect the shores of Avalor
I gotta keep things in check
I can’t leave my Kingdom a wreck
Hey, I adore you
But before you go and interject
It’s up to me to detect this wicked sorceress
So step aside and let the Princess tidy up this mess

Esteban:Elena, You have impressed me with your zest
To leap into the unknown
But I suggest we keep the Princess
Safely home on the throne
With all due respect
We should reject her request
Send patrols of our best soldiers
To go out on this quest
See, leaders lead
And then they let their subjects handle the rest
She can stay and rule while they duel at her behest
And make the arrest
I am sure you all see that’s the right thing to do
Just take it from me when I say this is true
We can’t let her set out on this dangerous pursuit
Let’s make a decree it’s the right thing to do

Elena: Yeah, I don’t think it’s sinking in
So let me make myself clear
Won’t make excuses or refuse to face a danger so near
The situation’s severe
The nation’s in fear
I’ll intercept her with my Scepter
And make her disappear

Esteban: Well, if you prevail you will be hailed
But not so much if you fail
We’ll be flailing and frail
Like a boat with no sail
Think of what that will mean
Better to not intervene
We must curtail her
Lest her failure
Cost the Kingdom it’s Queen

Elena: Don’t listen to him
It’s the right thing to do
I am going to win
I will tame this old shrew
Esteban: But what if she bites off more than she can chew
Don’t give in to her whim it’s the right thing to do
Elena: For as long as I live
I know I’ll never forgive her
And no way will I rest
Until the day I deliver
A sliver of justice
For what this corrupt witch has taken from me
You just wait and see

Esteban: You have made your demands
But don’t you get too excited
Your fate’s in their hands
Now they get to decide
So take a seat
Take a note
I’ll be sure not to gloat (it sounds like bloat so I’m not sure if it is gloat.)
Because I call for the Council to put up a vote

Elena: You’re gonna leave me at home
While Shuriki roams free
Let the Guards take the fall instead of calling on me
Keep me cooped up in here just to sit back and still
Well you blew it
I’m through
Cause this wasn’t the right thing to do
The right thing to do

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