The Art of the Steal

The Art of the Steal  is a song from Elena of Avalor” season 2 episode 16 The Tides of Change”. It is sung by Saloso and perfomed by Steve Buscemi.

The Art of the Steal Lyrics

Malandros: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Saloso: We were up a river when you came to me
Made an offer with real appeal
So ya gave me your trust
Now watch it go bust
And that’s the art of the steal

Was gettin’ no respect out in that ol’ shipwreck
Had to figure out a brand new deal
Now we’re living large
‘Cause we’re in charge
Thanks to the art of the steal

We were treated so mean by your King and your Queen
They threw us out on our fins
Malandros: Right on our fins
Saloso: But we’re back on track
For a big payback
Now the outsiders are in

I gave you just one look and then I set the hook
Your proposal was simply ideal
You fell for my charms
Turned off your alarms
And that’s the art of the steal

You were all double-crossed
That’s why I’m the boss
Malandros: The boss of…
Saloso: The art of the steal

All: The art of the steal

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