Hootenanny Chorale

Hootenanny Chorale is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 7 “The Hootenanny”. The song is sung by Horse and others and performed by Kimiko Glenn and The Centaurworld Cast.

Hootenanny Chorale Lyrics

Horse: Hey, new friends
I’m glad we made it
Hey, new friends 
As long as you are with me
I am home

You made it to Centaurworld
And nothing better
Represents our world
Moletaurs: Holes
Coldtaurs: Breathe in a bag!
Birdtaurs: Like!
Horsetaurs: Privilege!
All: Than this colorful collection
Of singing, dancing magic beings
Meeting here today 
And when a chorus gathers
At the end of the Rainbow Road
They’re one family 

Slow and agile things
Strong and fragile things 
From the skies to depths below 

Horse: It takes a little boldness
And a little bit of magic
(We can all be fearless too) 
But I know you’re fearless too
(Fearless too) 

Horse: Together, we’ll go into the unknown 
So get ready to fight
You’re okay, you’re all right
All: You are Centaur…
You are Centaurworld

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