The Best Dad

The Best Dad is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 5 “Bunch O’ Scrunch”. The song is sung by Durpleton his parents and Horse and performed by Andy Walken, Tony Hale, Wendie Malick and Kimiko Glenn.

The Best Dad Lyrics

Please, sir
Sh! Sh! Come on. How many times have I--
Please, sir
Please, sir
Please, sir, please, sir
Please, son
Please, sir 
Can’t you see I’m trying to read?
I don’t wanna be a dum-dum
What is it you could possibly need?
I just wanna make you proud 
I wish you were
Wanna make you say out loud 
A clever baby boy
I’m your clever baby boy 

Oh boy, Dad, let’s play
Let me show you all these toys I made 
Not now, do your homework 
Know you hate it 
When I make a lot of noise

But hey, maybe someday
You and I can have a heart-to-heart
Once I learn how to control my fa-- 

Ah, Durpleton!
That is disgusting!
No son of mine is gonna…

Take care of yourself, son.
Durpleton, no!
I will not say anything nice
Until you do the things I require 
That you do 

I still love you
You’re the best dad
And you’re handsome and smart
Just please say something
From the heart 

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