My Very Favorite Time of Day

My Very Favorite Time of Day is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 episode 5 “Bunch O’ Scrunch”. The song is sung by Ched and Horse and performed by Roman Engel and Kimiko Glenn

My Very Favorite Time of Day Lyrics

Ched: Oh, it’s my very favorite time of day
Except for maybe
When it’s huggy time with Mr. Cuddlekins
It’s time to put
My snuggle friends away
Time for pulling on my big-boy pants
And shining up my jousting lance

They’re so cool. And big.
I wanna be a Tulip Stepper too, but…

I don’t know where to begin though
I’m just watching through my window 
Am I just the Tulip Stepping champ
Of this lonely bedroom?

Horse: Aw!
Poor Ched.
It is kind of adorable though.
Ched: I gotta stop being negative.
I mean, I’m not a horsetaur, but…
but I can do this.

Now I may not be as big as them
And I maynot be as strong
But if I wanna be
A Tulip Stepping champion
Why can’t I
Be one?
Life is tough for portal tummy and me

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