I Stealz So I Can Feelz

I Stealz So I Can Feelz is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 6 “Holes: Part 2”. The song is sung by Horse and Glendale and performed by Kimiko Glenn and Megan Nicole Dong.

The Song starts from 23:09

I Stealz So I Can Feelz Lyrics

Glendale: Well
I stole honey from the Beetaurs
Stole branches from Plantaurs, too
I even stole this guitar
So I can play these prison blues
Oh, I steals
Oh yes, I do
I steals so I can feels

Oh, I steals, I steals
I steals, I steals, I steals
So I can fee--
Horse: Okay. That’ll be enough.
Thank you, Glendale

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