Baby’s First Spell

Baby’s First Spell is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 6 “Holes: Part 2”. The song is sung by Wammawink, Durpleton, Zulius, Glendale and Ched and performed by Megan Hilty, Josh Radnor, Parvesh Cheena, Megan Nicole Dong and Chris Diamontopolous.

Song starts from 23:43

Baby’s First Spell Lyrics

Oh, she is beauty
She is grace
She’s got a tail that grew a face
Oh, life is a miracle
But life’s a little strange
There will come a day
When your body starts to change

You get feathers in weird places
And sometimes you make weird smells
But that’s the joy
Of getting baby’s first spell

Oh, bodies are interesting
You never know what is in store, no
Sometimes you get weird powers
‘Cause of ancient rites and hormones
You get tummy cramps and mood swings
Sometimes psychic powers
As well as pimples
You got baby’s first spell

Magic, magic, magic you
Your body is the miracle
Baby’s first spell
Magic, magic you
Baby’s first

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