What If I Forget Your Face

What If I Forget Your Face is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 2 “Fragile Things”. The song is sung by Horse and performed by Kimiko Glenn.

Song starts from 10:08

What If I Forget Your Face Lyrics

Don’t think
Just trust
“Stay calm
Stay with me,” she said
Eyes open
Breathe in
Just one wrong move, and we’re dead
And if she and I don’t reunite
How can I go on?
Do we still remember what is gone?

What if I forget your face?
What if you move on without me?
What if I can’t find
The doorway back through?
And what if I do
But don’t recognize you?

What if I take far too long
And the danger comes to claim you?
What if I’m too late
To save you from your fate
And you are lost forever ’cause of me?

I will find a way
To make sure that you’re okay
One careful step at a time
For you and I
Are fragile things

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