Taurnado is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 2 “Fragile Things”. The song is sung by Horse, Glendale and Taurnado and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Megan Nicole Dong and The Centaurworld Cast.

Song starts from 7:54

Taurnado Lyrics

Taurnado: Come to us
Horse: I’ve never feared the drums of war 
Taurnado: You will be ours 
Horse: I’ve faced down
Far worse things before
Taurnado: In the skies 
Horse: But never has it counted more 
Taurnado: Forever 
Horse: Than now 
Taurnado: Won’t let you go 

Horse: You’re okay if you stick with me 
Taurnado: Don’t leave our side 
Horse: ‘Cause I can teach you
How to be
Taurnado: How will you hide? 
Horse: Quicker, stronger, full of bravery
And how to survive 

Taurnado: You can’t escape from us
(Horse: The Artifact! No!)
Taurnado: You were all made for us 
Just give up 
Glendale: Mmm, shiny boy!
Wammawink: Glendale, no!
Glendale: Don’t worry. You’re safe with me now.

Glendale: Bubblegum. Apple Bottom jeans.
Can’t fight it anymore, Horse!
Now I am yours 
Horse: Wait! No!
Glendale: I’ll live up in the skies 
Horse: Hang on!
Glendale: Forevermore 

Taurnado: You are now
One of our thousands of souls
We’ve taken and lifted above 
You are ours
And we are yours 

Taurnado: You can’t escape from us 
You are all made for us
Just give up
Just give in
You are all ours now
Just give in to us now

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