My Collection

My Collection is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 5 “It’s Hidin’ Time”. The song is sung by Beartaur and Horse and performed by David Johansen and Kimiko Glenn. The reprise of the song is sung by Glendale in episode 9 “The Rift: Part 1” and performed by Megan Nicole Dong.

Song starts from 21:42

My Collection Lyrics

Beartaur: I’d like to show you my collection
These curios are made by hand
Just little objects of affection 
That tell the story
Of the war that scars our land

You see, the mural can’t quite capture
The battle like my figures do
I’ve had so much time alone here
It’s really nice
To get to share them all with you

I know you’ve probably heard
It’s hiding time
Those hurtful things
In children’s rhymes
They simply don’t appreciate
The work I do

To them, I’m just a weird old bear
They don’t see how much I care
Horse: Um, okay, this is kind of a lot
I mean, I’ve only got
Respect for collectors
But I probably should go
Yeah. I’m gonna just – I’m gonna go.

Beartaur: I’ve got the knight
I’ve got the horde
I’ve got the trampled Centaurs, too
I’ve even got their little weapons
But what I’m missing here is you

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