It’s Hidin’ Time

It’s Hidin’ Time is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 1 episode 5 “It’s Hidin’ Time”. The song is sung by haretaurs and performed The Centaurworld Cast.

The Song starts from 21:00

It’s Hidin’ Time Lyrics

Deep down in the depths
A shadow lumbers
For weeks, it slumbers
Till the spring rains
Clear the grit and grime
When he wakes
He roars with mighty hunger
And that’s how you’ll all know
It’s hidin’ time

It’s hidin’ time
That Beartaur’s gonna sneak up
And scare ya, steal your child
Prepare ya for a snack
So watch your back

All you babes and young ones
You best start your runnin’
Do not let him take you
When you’re in your prime
It’s hidin’ time

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