The Next Thing

The Next Thing is a song from Netflix Original Series “Centaurworld” season 2 special episode 8 “The Last Lullaby”. The song is sung by Horse, Rider, Wammawink, Durpleton, Zulius, Glendale and Ched and Waterbaby and others and performed by Kimiko Glenn, Jessie Mueller, Megan Hilty, Josh Radnor, Parvesh Cheena, Megan Nicole Dong and Chris Diamontopolous and Renée Elise Goldsberry and The Centaurworld Cast.

The song starts from 52:38

The Next Thing Lyrics

Horse: Now I’m ready 
For whatever this next thing may be
I can handle anything
As long as you are here with me

All: Because I have been tested 
I’ve been challenged
Been transformed through and through
But I couldn’t get this far 
Without you

All: I am stronger when I trust my family
When I lean on you 
And let you lean on me 
Wherever you are
Is where I’m meant to be

Horse: It just takes a little boldness
Wammawink: And a little bit of magic
To make it through
All: Hello, Rainbow Road
Let’s go 
This herd is comin’ for you

Waterbaby: The path may be hard to follow
But trust is the key 
All: Just find good traveling companions
‘Cause love sets us free
Comfortable Doug: Love gives us a purpose
It honors us, keeps us from harm 
Gebbrey: When you’re feeling so cold
Or you’re feeling so warm 
Birdtaurs: If you’re a superfan
Or if you’re a star 
Like. Like.
Your friends still love you
The way that you are 
Oh my goose!
Comfortable Doug just touched me!

Zulius: Who is she? 
Durpleton: She’s a soldier, an orphan 
Glendale: Who is she? 
Rider: She’s my very best friend 
Wammawink: Who is she? 
Ched: She’s some stupid horse 
And I ate her hair for, like, a year

Horse: She is flawed
She’s still learning
She is odd
But she’s yearning still to be better
And her friends make her better 

All: I am stronger when I trust my family
When I lean on you
And let you lean on me
Wherever you are
Is where I’m meant to be

Horse: I will stay
I will fight 
Never leaving your sight 
All: ‘Cause you made things all right
In Centaurworld

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